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Lynn - Belgium - 17 - FC Barcelona - Xavi Hernandez - Belgium/Spain/Portugal NT - Gerard Piqué - Shakira - Demi Lovato ♥
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Commit a crime and the world is made of glass.

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Kristoff and Sven’s first scenes in Frozen!

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Life tip: bring a book with you everywhere you go

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8/? favorite book female characters: katniss everdeen (hunger games)

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  • Me: I'll sleep early tonight and get a good 8 hours
  • Me: *watches entire season of tv show*
  • Me: *reads every book i own*
  • Me: *goes on quest to find the holy grail*
  • me: this book destroyed my life and broke my heart into a million tiny pieces
  • me: here read it


Books have a way of making you homesick for a place you have never been.

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this is the saddest scene in this movie

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